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Retina Transfer in 5 seconds. Hd Rapid V6.0 Pastikan yang Asli ( Hd colour code underneath Retina films ) JIKA TUAN TUAN & PUAN PUAN PERLUKAN HD SAMPLE SILA TAMPIRKAN ZON KAWASAN...

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This is our introductory price to you fo…

RM1.60/pc + RM50 Block Charge for this example of HD Print t-shirt stickers. This is our introductory price to you for a limited time. This size roughly 8cm x 9...

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HD PRINTS & HD HEAT – World Best Heat Transfer Films

Mutant Dreams is the company that makes HD prints and HD Heat transfer films. For the first time ever, a print on fabric can be so vivid, high resolution, durable, fast and cost effective. It can produce images more vivid and more durable that existing heat transfer solutions and direct to garment (DTG), much cheaper than certain silkscreen / screen print designs, and much faster and more convenient than many other methods

It is also very versatile, able to transfer of non-woven / leather / PU bags, umbrellas, notebooks and diaries. What cannot be done before is now possible.

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